For more than 25 years, I am concerned with standards in the field of medical image communication, both in theory and in practice. Based on the many years of experience, I offer consulting services in the field of DICOM and IHE. Further standards in this area would be DICONDE, an ASTM standard for the nondestructive evaluation and testing of material (NDE / NDT), and HL7.

This offering includes consultancy for the development of DICOM interfaces and the analysis of interoperability problems as well as support for the creation of DICOM conformance statements. Professional support is also available for the use of the DICOM toolkit DCMTK.

Here is a list of some activities I performed in the past:

  • Checking storage media for compliance with the requirements of the DICOM standard.
  • Analysis of DICOM images that are displayed incorrectly on third-party systems.
  • Consulting for the integration of video compression (MPEG) into a DICOM environment.
  • Conversion of international character sets for the correct presentation of patient names.
  • Validation of various DICOM network services and storage media exchange services.
  • Integration of security measures into the DICOM network communication based on TLS.
  • Writing technical specifications, e.g. IOD descriptions and DICOM conformance statements.
  • Monitoring cross-vendor interoperability and standards compliance of medical devices.

If you are interested in my consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact me.