For more than 25 years, I am concerned with standards in the field of medical image communication, in particular with the implementation in practice. I, therefore, offer the development of custom software in the field of DICOM and IHE. Further standards in this area would be DICONDE and HL7.

This offering includes both the development of new and the adaptation of existing software, e.g. of the Open Source DICOM toolkit DCMTK, a software I have been involved in for many years as one of the main developers. In addition to this, other implementations in this field can also be ordered.

In order to get an impression on my job as a developer, the following list shows some contributions I made to the DCMTK during the last couple of years:

  • Module dcmimgle/dcmimage for the visualization of DICOM image data, including grayscale calibration
  • Module dcmsr for the simplified processing and presentation of DICOM Structured Reporting documents
  • Module dcmrt for the various DICOM Radiation Therapy objects, major parts are generated automatically
  • Generation of DICOMDIR files based on application profiles for the standardized exchange of storage media
  • Program dcmsend and underlying C++ class for the easy-to-use transfer of DICOM objects over the network
  • Program dcmrecv and underlying C++ class for receiving DICOM objects more easily over the network
  • Support for DICONDE, an ASTM standard for the nondestructive evaluation and testing of material
  • Conversion of international character sets, including Asian specifics as defined in the ISO 2022 standard

Furthermore, I have developed customer-specific programs and software libraries, e.g. for the conversion of DICOM multi-frame images to the AVI format and of proprietary image formats or measurements to appropriate DICOM objects, as well as Windows DLLs that allow one to access certain DCMTK functions from another programming language. I was also involved in the development of various DCMTK extensions that are distributed commercially by OFFIS, and can, therefore, provide professional support for integrating them with other systems.

If you are interested in my software development services, please do not hesitate to contact me.